Sunday, October 29, 2006

It's been a while since I've said this, but "I'm proud to be a Wisconsin Catholic!" (AKA Bishop Morlino takes the name of a sandwich meat in vain!)

On November 7, we Wisconsinites will vote on 2 important referenda: a constitutional amendment to specify marriage as being between one man and one woman, and a request to reinstitute the death penalty (after a 153-year hiatus, vaunted as the longest period a state has been capital-punishment-free).

Thankfully, there are Catholics (both laity and clergy) who are speaking out on these issues. The Diocese of Madison even set up a website to address the Catholic positions. They also produced a pamphlet titled "Marriage Matters," (with "Vote Yes" written on the bottom) explaining what the proposed amendment is, why it's important, and why Catholics should get involved. [Click to enlarge.]

Inevitably, some people were upset. First there were the cafeteria Catholics who become incensed at the idea that the Church would advise them what to do in their personal lives. Then there were the "separation of church and state" advocates who are riled by any mention of "Catholic" and "vote" in the same paragraph. Finally, there was the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, which is complaining to the State Elections Board because the Diocese didn't register as an organization attempting to influence the vote. (Here is the WDC's charge, and here is the Diocese's refutation in pdf format.)

Anyway, Bishop Molino has stood firm, asserting that it is the right and duty of every Catholic to know and proclaim the truth. In this week's Catholic Herald there is an article with a great quote from the bishop. It is his reaction to those who want to prevent priests from talking about Catholic beliefs and how they should affect one's voting:

"As I've said many times: baloney. Better to obey God than man. Especially when men are wrong."


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